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#1 2016-07-08 03:11:02

Final Prestige
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Solid wood flooring prices or benefit

2016 is over half of the market than in previous years relatively flat floor, which would have been affected national macro-control. Can the flooring industry in the second half to break the deadlock, companies must make some changes to the face of regulatory policies and floor prices of these factors.

Great efforts of national regulatory policies, the real estate market has brought some impact, enthusiastic developers declined, appears volume and price down, but still did not meet the expectations of the public in a substantial decline in value of the situation.

Control policy is still tight, there is no sign of relaxation, resulting in buyers wait and see mood continued to increase, just spent the off-season in July, is about to usher in the traditional peak season in the property market; gold nine silver ten, the developer is likely to 9 - October increase the amount of push plate, increased marketing efforts, housing turnover will also be a wave of significant increases. Developers want to return the funds, it is expected to form the next few months the market price for the amount of the overall pattern.

According 2007--20011 years of industry statistical data analysis, the traditional solid wood flooring and three-layer multilayer wood as representative of the new solid wood flooring has shown a shift in the trend. Past two years, new wood holding more than 30% of the high growth rates. Analysis of the industry, 2011 - The following 2016 economic situation, caused by a new wood solid wood flooring category upgrade, or will become the key driving force for sustainable consumption boom driven home improvement floor.

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2016-07-08 03:11:02



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