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#1 2019-02-22 04:43:54

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Wood-plastic panels

<p>The advantages of wood-plastic sheet: the damage it brings is very low. As a profile, it saves a lot of materials, and in terms of price, it is a particularly cheap one, and it is very plastic decking prices china suppliers convenient to use. There are a lot of wood products, usually painted on the surface of a layer of paint, or a layer of water-based paint, so that some will be attached to harmful gases. However, the surface of the wood-plastic sheet is not treated at all, but after a year of use, it can be done with simple paint Garden fencing Plastic maintenance.</p><p> The service life of wood-plastic panels is particularly long, at least 10 years, and the quality is slightly better, it can be used for about 50 years. Ordinary wood generally has a life expectancy of only about 4 years. From a physical point of view, wood-plastic sheeting is not prone to cracking, aging, etc. after a long period of use, and it also has a good defense against temperature changes, and can adapt to good quality pvc panels in korea temperature differences of minus 40 degrees to 75 degrees.</p>



2019-02-22 04:43:54



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