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ACCRA , Sept. 30 (Xinhua) -- The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has elected six premier league members onto its Executive Committee, the highest decision-making body of the organization.

George Afriyie wholesale air max 2019 outlet , Albert Commey, Delali Senaye red air max 2019 outlet , Samuel Opoku-Nti, Fred Nelson and Benyamin Eyison were elected at the polls held at the GFA nerve-center here on Tuesday.

Four individuals were also elected to represent the Division One on the Executive Committee.

Linear Afiye Addy was also elected on Monday to represent constituent bodies on the GFA Executive Committee.

The new members will hold office for four years and are expected to embark on major reforms meant to arouse interest and enthusiasm in the sport.

Their mandate will begin immediately after being sworn in at a congress in November.


By Xinhua special correspondent Chen Dong

ABOARD TIANGONG-2, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) -- Today is Oct. 30, my 12th day on board Tiangong-2. I am Xinhua space correspondent Chen Dong.

I would like to tell you about our in-orbit gravity-free cardiovascular experiments, or as we call the whole process the "CDS experiment," which track changes to our bodies while we are in orbit.

The CDS device features an electrocardiograph (ECG) wire that has four leads attached to our bodies. It measures things like our heart rate and blood pressure. The device that measures our blood pressure is put onto our arms just like how a ground-based doctor would measure a patient's blood pressure. In addition, there is a sensor used to measure respiration. It is wrapped in a black bag, and we hang it from our necks to measure our chest breathing and belly breathing.

There is also another, fairly-curious, instrument, which I am sure many of you may not have heard of. It is called a laser Doppler device. This device measures the microcirculation of our blood vessels. As far as I know, this is the first time that China has tested it in space.

The biggest difference between a CDS experiment in space and one on the ground is ultrasound. Under zero gravity our organs are slightly displaced. As a result, organs that are usually easy to find on Earth are much more difficult to locate when in space. We have to be aware of this and move the wires accordingly.

The data we are generating and reviewing are primarily used to monitor the difference between our body indexes up here and on Earth: we are trying to find out which ones change and do not. This precious data will be analyzed further by ground staff and will give a clearer picture of the subtle changes that occur in a gravity-free environment. ` I would like to share an interesting discovery: Normally, on Earth, we only have one artery in (either side of) our necks. But there are two in space. Earlier in the mission I misidentified the blood vessel, because the vein besides our artery becomes thicker in space.

There are many things that I had assumed before coming up here that have proven to be wrong. For example, I had imagined that I would have a rather complete, round, bright view of Earth, with the expansive, darkness of space in the background. In fact, we are not far enough away for this -- so from the porthole, I just see part of Earth.

Another discovery, for me, is my new-found almost super human strength, I can maneuver heavy items much easier up here than on Earth. For example, a very heavy piece of equipment on the Earth may need two or three people to carry and install onto the wall of the capsule. But in space, by gently using one hand or two fingers, I can move it as I wish. While I feel that my strength has increased all of a sudden because of being in space -- that is, sadly, not the case. In fact, it is the items that have lost weight. I think that in space it would be easy to break all sorts of weightlifting world records.

I have only lived in space for less than a fortnight and I am still learning. I hope, my friends, to share all these new experiences with you. Enditem

Gembira Loka stands for 20-hectare site with over 400 species. If you do not have any idea of what precisely Gembira Loka means blue air max 2019 outlet , it is just a mix of Indonesian language and Sanskrit. “Gembira” indicates happy or joyful even while “Loka” means beautiful location. It is located with regards to 4 kilometers east associated with Malioboro Street, exactly through Gedong Kuning. You might not find any difficulty to get to the place since it truly is still located in the downtown area. Gembira Loka has quite a few attraction and entertainment besides showing the animals. There is a large lake during the zoo with any Gajah Wong River in the center of the zoo as very well as botanical garden with many big trees you can sell organic the shades and beautiful plants to meet up with your eyes.

To enter this “Joyful Place” you only need to buy ticket for in relation to $1-$3. The pride of Gembira Loka is in the collection of the animals within the near extinct to normal animals. Gembira Loka has become the zoos that successfully certain breed the Komodo Dragons with amounts of Komodo up to 111 all through the years. While on the other hand white air max 2019 outlet , you can still look into Sumatran Elephants, crocodiles black air max 2019 outlet , Sumatran tigers, Lions air max 2019 outlet cheap , Java rhinoceros and alternative species from different Ordo. Tired with walking around cage that will cage, you can create a rest in the shadowy flowerbed or park enjoying the foodstuffs or snacks air max 2019 shoes outlet , shopping designed for souvenirs, or take shots. The lake also presents water bike rent with affordable price which can be surely fun.

During holiday break seasons and weekends air max 2019 china outlet , indeed, this will peak seasons; you will dsicover locals or people through outside Jogjakarta flooding a zoo. Music performances completed through huge stage usually given entertain people as well as other animal attraction. If you are tired with. Cheap Shirts   Wholesale Jerseys China   Cheap Sports Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys Online   Cheap College Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap Hoddies   Cheap New NHL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys China   Cheap MLB Hoddies   Cheap Shirts China



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