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relatively high

<p>The difference between floor heating and geothermal is what is the floor heating. It is a common way of heating. It is artificial heating, and the full name is ground radiant heating. It belongs to radiant heating. It uses the whole ground as a radiator, then heats it through the radiant layer of the floor, evenly heats it to the whole ground, and then uses the law of the ground's own free bench with back restmeasurements heat storage and heat to radiate heat from the bottom to the top. In order to achieve the effect of indoor heating.</p><p> What is geothermal? Although they are only one word difference, they are actually very different. Geothermal energy is a natural energy source. It is renewable and recyclable. Geothermal energy is hidden below the earth's surface. Its energy comes from the lava and solar radiation inside the earth, and affordable aluminum fence panels in ireland it exists in the form of heat.</p>



2019-01-24 03:35:10



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