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#1 2019-01-18 01:21:29

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Decorative panel

<p>The substrate of the decorative panel is a splint, and the sheet is cut into a thin veneer, which is made by gluing, which is a special way of the splint, and the material thickness is 3 mm. It is one of the advanced  outside wood panels decoration materials. Types and price lists of sheet metal - Blockboard blockboard is also known as the large core board. The material is made of two veneers by adhesive bonding. The price is slightly cheaper than the thin core plate. It is recommended to use the horizontal material  pavilion kit prices because the vertical bending resistance is poor, and the lateral bending resistance is higher.</p><p> The main material of particleboard particleboard is wood scrap, which is pressed into the glue additive. Particleboard is divided into two types: extrusion and flat pressing. These plates are the cheapest and have lower strength. MDF MDF is commonly known as fiberboard. The raw material is made of wood fiber and added with an  eco friendly decking material adhesive such as urea-formaldehyde resin.</p>



2019-01-18 01:21:29



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