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#1 2019-01-02 04:14:29

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color and gloss

<p>Walnut has a very good color and gloss, and it has strong toughness, wear resistance and shock resistance. The furniture made of it not only has good molding effect, but also has rich and rich  kelmar traffic deck waterproofing systems  colors, and it is also durable and has good performance. The eucalyptus eucalyptus has good decorative performance and is easy to process solid wood.</p><p> Moreover, eucalyptus is widely used in various solid wood furniture. Even in dry environment, it is not easy to  Pvc Decking South Africa  produce warpage, deformation and insects. It is good and practical. Pine wood is hard wood, it has a good nail holding force during processing, which can ensure the firmness of the product, but it is not suitable for use in a dry environment, otherwise it will easily cause warping and cracking, which will  designer patio furniture  affect its aesthetics.</p>



2019-01-02 04:14:29



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