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#1 2018-11-06 05:42:36

Final Prestige
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Flooring water how to do

<P>Leaking on both sides, pry both sides of the ventilation, to adapt to the disease: plus keel, a small area of flooded solid wood flooring. Treatment options: timely detection of a small area of water, the ground can be cleaned, the board pry up the damp floor dry and re-install; if the amount of water slightly larger, not only pry leaking board, but also Should be along the keel arranged in the direction of the board also pry the opposite, so that the internal circulation of air to take away the moisture. If you can not determine the size of the amount of water, it is best to follow the direction of the water pry the board, check the wet conditions, be foolproof.</P>
<P>Reminder: If the water is not treated, or improper handling, resulting in not normal dry, wood floor may also cause moldy, or even cracking. Therefore, as soon as possible after the floor soaked in water to deal with it. Hope that Xiaobian how to do the floor soak can bring help to everyone.</P>

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2018-11-06 05:42:36



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