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#1 2018-11-01 06:19:14

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although get the strong

industry scores a success, although get the strong competition of directional particieboard, the development of plywood still stabilizes growth however. Wastage of whole composite tongue and grooved porch deck Europe plywood increased 4.6% , achieve 5 million stere, among them 20% what Germany and England take European plywood market each, other basically consumes a country is France, Italy and Holand. The main target that offers money is the line of

business of bldg. , furniture and carrying trade, course of study that pack and shipbuilding industry. The plywood that Fu has intertropical material thin wood to stick a anti-cracking rail fence Botswana face decreased in European plywood product 2.4% , for 452 thousand stere, among them France decreased 1.6% , amount to 305 thousand stere. In addition, the import volume of the intertropical lumber plywood that comes from Indonesia drops somewhat,

because the political situation of this country is flabby,basically be be caused by. Come from the entrance plywood at Brazil, produced certain effect to market of plywood of outdoor no deformation deck sales lumber of European needle leaf. The joinery of country of member of European plywood association board crop is in rose in a year in the past 6.6% , achieve 316 thousand stere, germany held major market share, it is Italy next. The next target of



2018-11-01 06:19:14



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