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Flower arrangement is an art and like any form of art Justin Bailey Jersey , its beauty lies in creativity. Formally known as floristry, it can extend beyond mere flower arrangement to encompass the cultivation and trade of flowers. However, for the sake of being comprehensive Ryan O'Reilly Jersey , we'll be discussing the different methods of flower arrangement and how nine of them have stood the test of time.

Fan shape

The fan shape arrangement sees flowers and leaves spread out to form an arc or a fan shape. The components are arranged low and don't interfere with other décor. A single or a couple of large flowers are usually the centerpiece, fanned on the sides by smaller flowers and leaves. Commercial establishments like hotels tend to make use of this arrangement so as not to be too 'busy' and interfere with space.

Circular shape

Circular or round shape flower arrangement is the most common and also the easiest to pull off. It has a neat look and is ideal for placement on small tables and mantles. Boardroom meetings and buffet tables regularly have them as the centerpiece.

Though circular arrangements usually mean having the arrangement look round from any angle, some florists may call any arrangement circular as long as it looks round when viewed from the top.


A triangular arrangement has a triangular shape when viewed from the front and the back. It has considerable height unlike fan and circular shapes.

Triangular shapes are more exotic and difficult to achieve than the two mentioned above. This is why they're generally used for special and somber occasions like weddings Benoit Pouliot Jersey , christenings and funerals.


The crescent arrangement is reserved for experienced florists. Difficult to pull off yet wholly appealing when done right, it has flowers arranged to form an asymmetrical upward curve. Also known as a 'C' arrangement, other décor must be chosen carefully to match the dramatic results.

Crescent arrangements have to be placed on stable and weighted stands to prevent overturns.


Vertical arrangements can look similar to triangular shapes but they have more height and a narrower base. Small flowers like tulips and carnations are favored over large ones as are fillers to add height.

There's no set shape to vertical arrangements though effort is made to create a slim Rasmus Ristolainen Jersey , tall appearance.

'S' shape

The 'S' shape arrangement is another skilled method that's left to experienced florists. Flowers are arranged in the form of an angled S. Stems are generally used to achieve the curved ends while small flowers are used as fillers. Unlike the more traditional circular and round shapes, the result is minimalistic.


Oval arrangements are similar to circular shapes but have more height. A dense cluster is required so small flowers and ferns are interspersed with large blossoms.


The horizontal arrangement is spread out but different from the fan shape where an arc is achieved. Width is greater than the height and asymmetry usually adds individuality to the flowers.


Ikebana is a Japanese style of floral arrangement where minimalism and the use of various parts of a flower such as the stem is the key to achieving a creative look. All arrangements are drastically different from Western styles where focus is laid on color and a fancier appearance. With ikebana, spirituality enters the equation so leaves Robin Lehner Jersey , stems and twigs are used to form a scalene triangle with the points said to represent earth, heaven and man.

How to Maximize Journeyman Electrician Continuing Education

As a professional tradesman, you already know that journeyman electrician continuing education is a yearly part of the job. You need it for renewing your license.

You already have years of experience under your belt. You’ve seen the mistakes of your juniors and learned the wisdom of the masters. And while there is always more to learn Zemgus Girgensons Jersey , you would like to learn only the new stuff, right? The things that matter? You’ve got more important things to do with your time than rehashing things you’ve learned a dozen times already.

Finding the right training that fits your needs can prove to be an important part of the process. These tips can help by letting you know what to look for in the best possible training.


Whether you’re under contract or you’re spending all day looking for work, the last thing you need is to drive across town to spend your evenings in a classroom waiting for the instructor to get to the point. Wouldn’t you want to spend your evenings near your family?

Online continuing education allows you the convenience of taking your required training at home and at your own pace and schedule. Time for dinner? Simply pause your training and come back to it when you’re ready. And when the kids are all set to be tucked in Sam Reinhart Jersey , there’s no instructor to object.


Perhaps the most compelling aspect of online training, when it’s done right, is the option to skip sections that are not required by statute. If an online course can have the important stuff clearly labeled and the optional material neatly tucked away to the side Johan Larsson Jersey , then you can breeze through at the fastest pace possible, pass your exam and then move on with your life. That’s the kind of course you need to find.

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