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#1 2018-09-18 11:26:28

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solid wood particle board

<p>Analysis of the advantages of solid wood particle board and ecological board The solid wood particle board retains the essence of natural wood and has superior environmental protection los angeles composite decking stuart fl  performance. It has the advantages of strong decorative performance, high density, not easy to deform, strong nail holding force and easy processing. The ecological board can resist the liquid abrasion of common acid, alkali and the like, and can also be directly and conveniently wood looking pvc fence  constructed, has high density, relatively flat surface, is not easy to be deformed, has bright colors, and is economical in price, and is relatively easy to clean. </p><p>The difference between solid wood particle board and ecological different types of wood cladding  board is the existence of a main material, which is more in line with the modern people's demand for environmental protection. The solid wood particle board can only be used as a substrate, and it must be matched with veneer or overlay paper. To achieve the effect of the decoration, it means that the ecological board can be directly installed and used, but the solid wood particle board is not, the solid wood particlecomposite teak boat flooring for pontoon marine   board can be used as the substrate of the ecological board.</p>



2018-09-18 11:26:28



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