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#1 2018-09-17 10:28:06

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What is a smart cabinet

<p>The concept of smart kitchen has been proposed by a long time ago. Such an idea is also the main trend of future development. As people's life paces up, people pay more attention to efficient and convenient lifestyle, and achieve the best in the shortest time. Efficiency, this is the way people pursue life. Therefore, some smart cabinet products can also be above ground pools with deck coping seen on the market, but most of the functions of smart cabinet products are relatively simple. Generally, mobile phones are used for remote control, and some also add some networking functions to identify the kitchen.</p><p> People, and set up with a display, can display the information the owner needs, such as the family's schedule, date with someone, and a way to make a delicious lunch, but also display the local temperature. What are the do it yourself basement wall systems characteristics of intelligent cabinets? Automatic dehumidification thermostats now have a lot of intelligent cabinets with automatic dehumidification function, especially for the humid and rainy days in the south, no matter how good the cabinet panels will be used for a long time, so the smart cabinets Designed with the function of dehumidification, the dehumidification force can be adjusted according to the displayed humidity, and the temperature in the cabinet can be adjusted to the optimal temperature, so that the kitchenware placed in the cabinet can be prevented from pool deck plans for free being affected, and the kitchenware can be kept clean as New, to prevent mildew and insects.</p><p> Automatic opening of the induction system The design of the intelligent cabinet also takes into account the convenience of use. The automatic opening sensing system is set on the door panel of the lower cabinet and the hanging cabinet. The door can be opened sensitively with a single touch. At the same time, when the cabinet door is opened, it is very light, because the design of the light and noise reduction mode intelligent lighting system intelligent cabinet also designed the intelligent lighting system, built-in sensor switch control in the cooking area, when people are cooking, as long as the light Insufficient sensor light will automatically open, which ispool fence design andalucia hong kong  convenient for the owner to cook normally, and also plays a very good decorative role, very practical</p>



2018-09-17 10:28:06



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