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#1 2018-09-14 03:45:10

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Gypsum board

<p>Whether the ceiling is made of wood keel or light steel keel is good. Home improvement ceilings are generally made of light steel keel and wooden keel. The light steel material is not used for long-term use and is not easily deformed, but it is not light enough from wood. The advantage of wood keel is that the plasticity is very high. Is the ceiling a wooden5/4 eastern red cedar lumber decking      keel or a light steel keel? Light steel keel light steel is actually a material with a density lower than that of a small one. The light quality and high hardness are the high-quality materials of the ceiling of the ceiling.</p><p> They are generally made of square and fixed on the ceiling or object by screws. The wooden keel wood keel is mainly a ceiling suspended material made of wood such as pine or fir. At present, the wooden eco friendly wpc railings     keel is a commonly used material in the home decoration. It can be divided into a ceiling keel, a vertical wall keel and a shop according to the unused parts. Ground keel, hanging keel and so on. The anti-corrosion fire-resistant wooden keel is relatively easy to get wet due to the material and the wooden wedges used in the construction, and the wood products are flammable. </p><p>Therefore, the wooden keel posts for raised deck railing     will be coated with a layer of fire-proof paint before the ceiling, which will increase the cost. . The strength light steel keel is a light-density steel with good hardness, and the construction requirements of the wooden keel are very high. It must be paid special attention. Otherwise, it will cause cracks or even breaks if it is accidentally damaged. The advantage of the malleable wood keel is that it is very malleable and can be molded into exterior wall panels cyprus     any desired shape, if it is needed for some ceilings.</p>



2018-09-14 03:45:10



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