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#1 2018-09-14 01:12:39

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wood keel

<p>Gypsum board is a relatively common ceiling material, mainly made of plaster, of course, there are some additives, fibers and other accessories. This kind of ceiling material has internal wall cladding plank Iceland     good heat insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation effect, and has light texture and strong machinability. It can express different styles of splint splints, that is, plywood. It is also one of the common materials in ceiling decoration, mainly wood. Glued together. It has good wood plastic composites Spain     elasticity, processing, insulation, flexibility, etc.,</p><p> and the high-strength high-crystal ceiling high-crystal ceiling is a new type of ceiling material, which has been loved by many owners. It is made of special algae crystals and inorganic calcium salt crystals under high-tech processing technology. It has excellent decomposition and purification performance, adsorption performance, antibacterial, mildew and odor composite panel pros and cons     resistance, etc. It is very beneficial to the living environment.</p>



2018-09-14 01:12:39



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