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#1 2018-08-09 09:06:23

Final Prestige
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suggest or object to the purchase

Customers can influence the operation of the company. In order to continue to join new customers, companies must work hard to gain the trust of customers. According to statistics, under the market competition law, manufacturers lose at least some old customers every year, but at least they will develop new customers every year.
Under the balance of the two, there is little change. If you do not plan to expand, you will operate the customers in the future. It is bound to be very difficult. The principle of finding potential customers In the process of finding potential customers, you can refer to the following MAN principle: M: MONEY, representing money.
The selected object must have a certain purchasing power. A: AUTHORITY, on behalf of the purchase decision. The object has the power to decide, suggest or object to the purchase. N: NEED, representing demand. This object has the need for this (product, service).
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2018-08-09 09:06:23

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