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#1 2018-08-09 01:07:09

Final Prestige
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it was a product quality problem

After paying the house in August this year, he found a decoration company to carry out the overall renovation of the house. The whole decoration cost about 100,000 yuan. I didn't expect to spend so much money. The quality is still not guaranteed.
The five indoor door doors made in the house were installed for half a month, and the door line cracking occurred. Mr. Song said that he contacted the decoration company and hoped that the other party would solve the problem. He did not expect the decoration company to refuse to admit that it was a product quality problem,
and it was determined that the external force caused the door line to crack. The door that I just bought was cracked, and it was said that it was caused by external forces. Mr. Song’s gas did not hit one place, and all of them were required to be replaced immediately.
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2018-08-09 01:07:09

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