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#1 2018-08-08 03:37:27

Final Prestige
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Reinforced composite flooring method

<P>1. Observe the accuracy of the floor: remove about 10 pieces of wooden floor after unpacking, and then assemble it by freehand. Observe the bite of the mouth of the floor, the assembling gap, and the height difference between adjacent floors.</P>
<P>2. Check the defects of the substrate: Observe the cross-section of the floor to see if the lines of the plate are chaotic; check for defects such as dead knots, live knots, cracks, rot, and bacteria. As solid wood flooring is a natural wood product. Objectively, there are chromatic aberrations and inhomogeneous phenomena without excessive care.</P>
<P>3. Measurement of moisture content: The national standard stipulates that the moisture content of wood flooring is 8%-13%. Due to regional differences, the floor moisture content in the northern region is 12%, and the moisture content in the southern region should be controlled within 14%. At the time of purchase, the moisture content of the wooden floor selected in the exhibition hall shall be measured first, and then the moisture content of the wooden flooring of the same species and the same specifications of the unopened packaging shall be measured. If the difference is 2%, the moisture content may be considered as qualified.</P>
<P>4. Determine the appropriate length: It is recommended to choose the medium and short length of the floor, not easily deformed, easy to lay, and not afraid of damage during transportation. Floors that are too long and wide are relatively easy to deform and can be troublesome to lay.</P>
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2018-08-08 03:37:27



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