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#1 2018-08-08 02:33:40

Final Prestige
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the solid wood particle board

Some consumers worry that the solid-grain board is not as strong as the MDF, and it will not be so durable. Indeed, MDF performs better when it is necessary to repeatedly nail or re-install. However, the cabinets of most households on the market will not be disassembled after installation.
In this case, the solid wood particle board is actually more durable. Huang Yiwen said that as many consumers worry that the board will not be as durable as solid wood. In fact, the current industry tends to mature, the process is basically through, as long as the family is correctly used, custom furniture for more than a decade is no problem.
Communication is more important than you think. Before you customize, you need to know that you need to use so-called custom furniture. The essence of the custom word is to make individual changes according to the layout, size and function of the home, to maximize the use of space.
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2018-08-08 02:33:40

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