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#1 2018-07-11 16:52:00

Final Prestige
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Pavement flatness of wooden floor

<P>The premise of maintenance is that you want a qualified laminate flooring. Because of an unqualified floor, no matter how careful you care for it, it still cannot avoid the "short-lived" phenomenon. Looking at the domestic flooring market, many brands cause consumers to be confused and wonder what to choose. I recommend choosing a large brand and professional company as their choice. Such as the iconic floor of the well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, the brand history is relatively long, and focus on the production of the floor, the service is good, this will be the real worry and effort.</P>
<P>Solid wood flooring needs waxing, which is common sense. However, it is a serious misunderstanding to strengthen the floor. Reinforcing the floor does not require waxing and painting. Never use sandpaper for polishing. Because the laminate flooring is different from the solid wood flooring, its surface is relatively smooth, and its brightness is also relatively good. Waxing can add more polish and make it beautiful.</P>
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2018-07-11 16:52:00



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