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#1 2018-07-11 06:29:29

Final Prestige
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From the structure of two kinds of cork flooring

<P>The color separation process leads to color difference: the primary color plate and the natural color plate in the solid wood floor are colorless, but the color difference will be more obvious after the paint is made. The regular manufacturers will perform color separation when the paint plate leaves the factory and be classified according to different wood species. For example, 2-3 color numbers, due to the stricter control of the color standard by the manufacturers, the color separation work is good, so the relative floor color difference will be smaller.</P>
<P>The installation factors lead to chromatic aberration: Because the floor itself has chromatic aberration, it is necessary to install the master to observe and compare the floor colors during the installation, pre-shop, and put similar or similar colors together, and floors with large floor color difference are installed in hidden positions. Only such an installation would not give the owner a feeling of floor discoloration.</P>
<P>Environmental factors lead to color differences: Generally, the color of the floor near the window is obviously brighter than that of the floor in the dark position. This is mainly due to the visual floor color difference caused by the influence of sunlight.</P>

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2018-07-11 06:29:29



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