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#1 2018-07-06 09:51:58

Final Prestige
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Paving solid wood flooring

<P>The longan is lower in price than the disc bean, and the color Longan is simpler than the disc bean. However, the longan in the tree certainly can not be compared with the teak wood, it is a tree species in Southeast Asia, is of a good grade, teak is completely high-grade wood, the earliest time, the Merbau, northern commonly known as the pineapple, with the comparison In fact, the stability is also relatively good. Later, because there are more people who identify with the Indonesian tsunami, the number of this tree species has decreased and the price has risen.</P>
<P>The longan looks closer to the pineapple grid in terms of texture, so with this pattern, everyone starts to introduce this tree species. The longan is a good value for money in the floor, and its stability is similar to that of a mandarin duck. Climate throughout the country. Many small manufacturers have also used this as imitation of merbau. In fact, the shortcomings of the longan is that its air-dry density is not the top few floor Oh, in addition to this point, the rest are very much liked by the decoration friends, so its sales are also ranked first in the country Oh, two!</P>
<P>Due to the good adaptability of the Longan solid wood floor to the climate, a floor product that is more suitable for our popularity. In daily maintenance, it is the same as most solid wood floors. Should avoid large amounts of water and Banyan contact wood flooring. In addition, avoid heavy objects dragging on solid wood floors to avoid scratches. The floor cannot be exposed to sunlight for a long time to prevent cracking and arching. The material selected by the Longan solid wood flooring is natural wood, so the qualified Longan solid wood flooring will not produce environmental pollution. Not only that, the solid wood floor feels comfortable and natural color is also a big advantage.</P>
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2018-07-06 09:51:58



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