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#1 2018-06-05 09:42:07

Final Prestige
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the current young consumer groups

This is enough to see the Burma's share of Dongyang market. A number of companies in the Zhejiang area competed for Burmese flower experts. At the Dongguan Furniture Fair in March, more mahogany furniture from the Zhejiang region launched a mahogany upstart brand line made from Burmese rosewood.
Why is Burma so hot in Dongyang? In recent years, Dongyang's mahogany furniture industry has developed rapidly and its product quality in the entire mahogany furniture market has also continuously improved. Before Dongyang made more African pears (Hedgehog rosewood),
it turned to Burmese rosewood. On the one hand, the color of Burma's rosewood material is similar to that of African rosewood. Enterprises can not only maintain the original product style, but also improve the grade of the product. . In addition, Burmese rosewood is indeed deeply loved by the current young consumer groups.
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2018-06-05 09:42:07

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