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#1 2018-06-05 00:54:16

Final Prestige
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secretary-general of chamber

However, zhang Zhihuan of secretary-general of chamber of commerce of plywood of county of fine be apt to tells the author, the tower above that as a result of low formaldehyde glue veranda armor guard composite decking rating every tons of cost compares tall formaldehyde 350 yuan, because this is low,cost of formaldehyde plywood production should compare tall formaldehyde plywood to increase 10 % . On domestic plywood market, the did not reach new level

plank that there still is production of and other places of Shandong, Dongguan after this year July, and the low formaldehyde plywood that enterprise of fine be apt to produces by new 100 waterproof laminate wood flooring wester cape standard lost competition ability instead because of cost factor, a lot of enterprises simply stop production finishs sth. The branch such as the still has place classics trade bureau that feels awkward likewise, qualitative inspect

bureau. Yu Guojian of vice director of prefectural government office tells the author, plywood produces the property of a pillar that is county of fine be apt to, the county takes new standard seriously very about the branch, requirement Party Committee of all levels, government shares this work with concerned wood deck railing 84 lumber chamber of commerce. Try hard through half an year, majority enterprise spent entire county many financial resources and energy implemented new standard, can not think of, low formaldehyde plywood gets cold reception in the market



2018-06-05 00:54:16

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