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#1 2018-05-16 06:00:10

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hand-mixed plastic

<p>the bubble of hand-mixed plastic bubble measures: when mixing manually must be mixed evenly, mixed with glue along one direction, the method introduced the least bubbles, two-component glue is  wind resistant fence posts fully stirred, with a scraper to the sample Strike as thin as possible to squeeze out air bubbles. Sealed glass glue products use regular manufacturers with high production technology level, otherwise it may cause sealant products to be wrapped in bubbles before leaving the factory, leading to the phenomenon of air bubbles in the construction of insulating glass glue.</p> <p> Insulating glass glue can  end cap channel for composite deck board cause bubbles when improperly changing the barrel, so we must adopt a standard barrel changing method, such as: opening the exhaust valve after changing the barrel so that all the gas in the pressure plate is discharged, and a small amount of glue is discharged from the row. When the air outlet overflows, close the exhaust valve and turn on the sprayer. 8, after the construction of glass glue was exposed to produce bubbles, so it is best to allow the glue to cure after a period of time, the surface has been crusted, with a certain resistance to sunlight, in this case, the possibility of glass bubbles produce  Deck Blocks Over Concrete Surface bubbles smaller.</p>



2018-05-16 06:00:10



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