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#1 2018-05-14 13:08:33

Final Prestige
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bit more argute foreman

that the floor is seen by the client, nevertheless, bit more argute foreman also has the method that he explains, pretend the model of rebuke worker says, who lets you take this packet of floor, floor composite wpc this just was sent in the library by go back, pull rapidly, change a packet. Because he is behaved very actively, average client also won't generate what suspicion. Accordingly, steal a floor board with this kind of method

successful rate is very high. reporter: Besides smoke piece, what method still is stolen? Mr H: Place the floor in the spirit away in the box that pack. General and normal circumstance is, how to build a pergola with clear corrugated roof after the floor draws a spot, deliver goods car went. But if be to steal a floor board, car of general deliver goods does not go, wait outside. The worker opens the floor before the client's face after the bag, throw the case that pack

aside. Wait for client check to be over goods, after making money, say to the client: The floor is put was here, we press the case that pack. The client can think worker good intention,louver flex fence price  helping rubbish cleared, actually, just is in at this moment, a few floors are in to pack by clip among box below the eyelid of client be been in by the worker spirit away. The worker is being helped steal a floor to still have deduct a



2018-05-14 13:08:33



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