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#1 2018-05-14 05:21:35

Final Prestige
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mean environmental protection

offerred good condition. Greatly is core board fancy do not mean environmental protection: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row?    Greatly core board is fancy do not mean environmental protection Issue date: 2002-5-24 origin: ■ formaldehyde discretion should treat gum Mention big core board, faux wood floor planks in greece be afraid the first reaction to the person is formaldehyde. Actually, present big core board already

with original big core board had very big different. usa plastic composite garden fence The reporter was visited a few days ago in order to produce big core board and famous Heibei Wen An, what Beijing field sells is big here, hold market share at present bigger have fall wooden industry and industry of Hua Jiang timber two big companies. Introduce according to professional personage, as a result of big core board be use by the batten of a root gooey

receive rise, and the formaldehyde that how to build deck railing with hog panels we say at present is actually send out from inside glue come out, accordingly, environmental protection is great core board and inferior greatly the main distinction of core board is on the stand or fall of glue. The reporter louvers for embossed floors looked around in spot of industry of Hua Jiang timber greatly the making process of core board, because use, is environmental protection glue,



2018-05-14 05:21:35

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