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#1 2018-05-08 07:26:55

Final Prestige
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Solid wood flooring material - ash

<p>Advantages: The raw material of birch flooring is the world's popular tree species, about 100 species in the world, mainly in the northern temperate zone, a few distributed to the Arctic region. There are 29 species and 6 varieties in China, which are distributed throughout the country. The plant resources are very abundant. Because it is a popular tree species, it is rich in resources, so it is generally cheaper to use it as a floor material for raw materials. Birch is light in color and can be processed in various ways. The processed birch flooring is generally clear and natural.</p>
<p>Disadvantages: The wood of birch is soft and not strong. Therefore, if only birch is used as raw material, the wear resistance of birch flooring will be poor. Therefore, domestic flooring manufacturers generally use composite flooring, such as The birch is used as the core of the floor or the surface is attached to the birch. This not only solves the problem of unreliable birch but also reduces material costs.</p> "cost of a composite deck 280 squre feet,kodiak deck boards distributor,hog panels used for porch railing "



2018-05-08 07:26:55



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