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#1 2018-03-14 04:14:57

Final Prestige
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Wood flooring renovation so stress?

<p>Floor renovation The first step, the use of large floor renovation machinery several times to remove the paint grinding layer, the surface 1-2 mm. Note that with 40 mesh, 80 mesh and 120 mesh different thickness of sandpaper three times, the greater the mesh, the smaller the sandpaper, the more scratches left by grinding less obvious, to ensure polished surface smooth and delicate.</p>
<P>After finishing the floor polished putty then leveling floor, use the floor paint matching special transparent primer putty, scraping on the polished floor to be dried. After the putty brush floor brushing or color processing. As the texture of solid wood surface are natural, can not change the color, can only adjust the floor color depth.</P>
<P>After the primer is dry, brush the finish again, and then dry it again and grind it carefully with water sandpaper until the floor finish is slightly rough, remove the dust and brush the second coat.</P> "panel dinding hiasan kalis air Limoges,how to add a bench seat to a deck,baldosas de suelo de plástico para patio"



2018-03-14 04:14:57



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