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#1 2018-03-12 04:22:20

Final Prestige
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the century hand

industry " -- Luo She is pressed down, found at the century hand in -- in December 1999, register capital to be 30 million yuan, be with zoology board is dominant, what kind of composite decking to use around pool zoology floor, carpentry board is form a complete set, market development, production, sale produces a business at the plank of an organic whole. Come to a company 16 years hold to from beginning to end " innovation, character,

service, managing, respect property,how to build a garden box on a deck estimator  be thankful " concept. Absorb new originality, father a quality col, all-around service dogs, insist to make high quality product. Hold to all the time " safe health, natural environmental protection " concept, put forward " green ' dark ' breath " catchword, the development that devotes oneself to a product and improve, at present "wooden garden bench in thailand  Ju Feng " the

adornment of the brand sticks face plate material to have the honor to win " Zhejiang saves famous label " , " Zhejiang saves famous brand product " , " enterprise of grand empire no dig fence bibcock of Zhejiang province forestry " , " Zhejiang installs plaque 10 strong brands " wait for multinomial and provincial honorary title. Nowadays, company faculty is building what truly by force with general manager Jifei to



2018-03-12 04:22:20



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