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#1 2018-01-11 12:52:55

Final Prestige
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with foreign client

communication with foreign client, in advance has been done answer preparative; 2 it is to strengthen right former the management of complementary makings, close good plastic for terraces fountainhead; 3 it is to adjust manufacturing technology in time, build control a system character soundly, ensure accord with input country relevant requirement. Lumber market experience imports the crisis, rise in price inevitable    Be

in early association of industry wooden coca cola picnic decks of Burmese in May 2017 forestry announces to be environment of protective forest zoology, burmese the export that will halt lumber and wood. Association secretary-general Wu Suowen expresses, because raw material is rare,be short of, the wood that should be used at home is exported however abroad, concern making a person can cause home to use average price for installing decking material shortage, want requirement

of first consideration home market at present. 3 years ago, burmese begin to prohibit log exit, came on stage early or late last year " ban cut down to make " , what is a good price to pay wood fence install per foot " be restricted cut down makes " , the beginning of the year is increased this year right " illegal cutting " blow block broke many lumber to contraband, will halt the export of lumber and wood again now, reflected Burmese the level that raises with each



2018-01-11 12:52:55



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