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#1 2018-01-11 08:10:17

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Temperature measurement system

Temperature measurement error caused by unequal material of 1. thermocouple
The annealing method can not be completely eliminated. Filial piety is the error of the system error, but its size cannot be estimated considering the dividing error of thermocouple in general incorporation.
Dividing error of 2. thermocouples
The difference between the thermoelectric characteristics of a thermocouple and the uniform dividing table is often given a limit range. For example, platinum platinum rhodium thermocouple more than 600 DEG C, the allowable error range for the measured temperature of + 0.5% (more than 3 DEG C). The error belongs to the system error, and the thermocouple is checked regularly, and the check error can be considered only.
3. the temperature measurement error caused by different thermoelectric characteristics of the compensating wire and the thermocouple
The error value is small and can be ignored. For example: cold forging Platinum Rhodium Platinum thermocouple is lower than 100 DEG C, the error value is only + 0.03 DEG C.
Temperature measurement error caused by the installation position of 4. thermocouple
When the temperature gradient is large, the thermal end of the thermocouple should be accurately located at the temperature point to be measured. Otherwise, it will cause a larger temperature measurement error.
Compensation error of 5. cold end temperature t0
When the mechanical zeroadjustment method is adopted, the mechanical zeros should be adjusted to E (T0, 0), which includes t0's test error, instrument adjustment and indication error, and the error caused by t0's continuous change. This error is larger and is troublesome.ާ ڧӧէ Rotary-ӧѧܧާߧ ߧѧ ݧѧ
The cold end temperature (t0 = 0) or bridge compensation compensation, there is a nonlinear error within the range of the cold end temperature. Using the temperature control system, this error can be basically eliminated.
6. display error of display instrument
It is determined by the accuracy of the display instrument.VOD ާݧ֧ߧߧ ӧѧܧާߧ ܧڧݧէ decarburizing ֧  ާߧ 50
The error caused by the resistance value of the 7. line
There is a strict requirement for the total resistance value of the moving coil instrument. When the value of the R line is deviate or changes with time, it will cause the temperature measurement error.
8. the error caused by the output of the components of the automatic temperature control system and the error caused by the feedback time
ܧ ݧѧ٧ާ ӧѧܧާߧ ֧ ֧ܧѧߧڧ



2018-01-11 08:10:17



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