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#1 2018-01-11 02:46:34

Final Prestige
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and serial number are the national standard

<p>flooring parquet production plant, we see that all parquet is used by a Finland-based companies to develop environmentally friendly plastic, it is understood that this adhesive can guarantee the pressure release of the floor formaldehyde release The amount of E1 within the class, it's curing speed, high bonding strength, can be room temperature or high-frequency curing, the glue does not contain </p>
<p>formaldehyde, phenol and heavy metals and other harmful ingredients, and storage cycle is longer, suitable for common species of glue. High solids content is an important feature of environmentally-friendly energy-saving plastic, which can fully guarantee the firm adhesion of the floor substrate and the skin, while ensuring the release of formaldehyde within the environmental standards. In addition to pressure-</p>
<p>gluing, floor sealing and color paint used is about another indicator of its environmental performance, consumers in the purchase of the floor, to ask clearly whether the use of environmentally-friendly paint optional floor paint to Determine the degree of environmental protection of the floor. For the edge of the paint, according to Life Home floor factory manager, the chemical element benzene is one of the </p>
<p>garden design plastic wood floor<br />
8ft polymer fence panels<br />
used composite decking lumber for sale</p>



2018-01-11 02:46:34



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