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#1 2017-10-13 03:03:30

Final Prestige
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increasingly pursued back to nature

<p>natural flavor of the arts to enjoy. Second, Lamura wood furniture features 1, what is the Eurasian wood Aurora commonly known as gold teak, the color was brown, clear wood, strong bloating, oily wood and teak close. Environmental adaptability, and very stable, suitable for a variety of environments on the ground laying timber, furniture and so on. Lamura Wood Furniture 2, Lamura Wood Furniture Features Air dry density: 0.60-0.80g / cm3. With </p>
<p>a deep stripes, wood hard, luster strong, interlaced grain, better dry performance. Excellent corrosion resistance. Can be compared with teak trees. Life of up to 10 to 15 years. Three, Wujin wood furniture and Lamura wood furniture which is good Mujin wood furniture shape like mahogany furniture, some of its advantages is described above, many of my friends are more like, Lamura wood furniture is also a very good one, if it is Wujin wood furniture and Lamura </p>
<p>wood furniture compared to the words, Wujin wood furniture is relatively better. Because modern people to pursue high quality of life quality, Wujin wood furniture in all aspects of a good. The above is mainly introduced the Wujin wood furniture and Lamura wood furniture of their own characteristics, I believe that through the comparison of the above, we can distinguish which is better. For more information on furniture, please keep an eye on every home </p>
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2017-10-13 03:03:30



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