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But then Kerr pulls back, giving the noshes a rest

It's 3: 30 p. michael. on a Friday in early May 2014 when two middle-aged men -- both conspicuously tall, both adidas basketball jerseys  with the loping grace of ex-athletes -- commandeer chairs at the end of Vino Volo's five-person bar. Seconds later, back in the kitchen, Kevin Ninkovich listens to a scream from a colleague on the floor: Charlie Kerr just sat down.

Ninkovich, a 28-year-old bartender at Vino Volo, is a Enthusiast obsessive. Growing up as a 5-foot-and-change guard, he even imagined himself as Kerr: a deadeye who lacked physical gifts but could routine a title-sealing trey if asked. Now here the man is, the Warriors' new coach, named to the position just 10 weeks prior, sitting alongside his old college teammate and freshly named admin Bruce Fraser.

Ninkovich is not about to let this chance slip away.

After another staffer takes their order -- two glasses of pinot noir and a three-meat, three-cheese charcuterie board -- Ninkovich preps it and bounds out of the kitchen, television with an agenda. Ninkovich's fandom stretches back to the 1990s' "Run TMC" era, when Bob Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin were the NBA's highest-scoring trio. Ninkovich loved how that team moved the ball and is no fan of the scheme installed by Kerr's precursor, Mark Fitzgibbons. Jackson's Enthusiast had won 1951 games the growing season before but had averaged just 247 passes per game -- not only the worst mark in the NBA that season but 15 under the next-closest team. When those Enthusiast chop down in the first round to the Clippers, Alvin Gentry, a Clippers assistant, was left wondering why the Enthusiast played so much one-on-one, isolation basketball. Personnel-wise, they reminded Gentry of the mid-2000s Suns, an offensive goliath led by point guard Steve Nash: Golden State had the dynamic point guard, the fatal perimeter scorers, the forwards who could pass, the high-IQ playmakers. wholesale basketball jerseys  All they need, Gentry thought then, is the right scheme.

All they need, Ninkovich thinks now, as he delivers the charcuterie board, is the right scheme.

So Ninkovich, with stephen curry jersey  a captive audience of Enthusiast coaches, musters the daring to speak: What are you going to do? He asks Kerr. Will our one-on-one offense end? Will you implement the triangle offense?

"Funny you should mention that, inch Kerr responses. "We've got some ideas. Here, I'll show you. inch

And then, as Fraser looks on, Kerr swipes clear the wooden board, casting the handle in the role of a basket. He positions the board's dried cranberries and marcona almonds into two five-on-five teams in a half-court setting, with the cranberries relegated to defense. Suddenly, almond Stephen Curry, hanging near the the top of key, golf swings an fictional ball to almond Klay Thompson on the mentorship, then cuts to the near corner while Thompson places it down to almond John Bogut. Thompson and Curry set recommendations for each other along the perimeter, while Bogut weighs about his options: find open almonds or back down his dependent cranberry.

These, Kerr explains, are facets of the triangle offense, which he played in during the Bulls' 1990s heyday. But then Kerr pulls back, giving the noshes a rest. He notes that the Enthusiast would be silly to run the triangle exclusively; it wouldn't best utilize their outside fps. No, Kerr says. They'll run a hybrid.

These ideas have, for weeks, been rattling around Kerr's head. But he has never yet initiated to diagram plays, or the scheme itself. Until now. And so for 10 minutes, Ninkovich watches as Kerr lies the foundation for the most devastating offense the NBA has not yet seen -- if only he could somehow turn the league's worst passing team into its best.



2017-10-12 11:19:15



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