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#1 2017-10-11 11:58:26

Final Prestige
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furniture and wood fiber industry raw materials and other

<p>species of China, with the distribution of mountainous areas in North China, and more distributed in eastern Qinghai, southern Gansu and western Shaanxi at an altitude of 3200 meters. Second, the characteristics of spruce fir Woody yellow and white, relatively soft, straight texture, fine structure, the proportion of 0.55-0.66, flexible. Can be used for construction, aircraft, sleepers, poles, boats, appliances, furniture and wood fiber industry raw materials and other </p>
<p>timber. Good material, fast growth, adaptability, should be selected as the distribution area of ??afforestation tree species. Third, the use of spruce fir is a major forest update and barren hills afforestation tree species. Wood material is excellent, the proportion of 0.6, for paper and general timber. Trunk can extract resin, leaves can be extracted aromatic oil, bark with tannins. Spruce trees are tree-shaped, dense foliage, can be isolated in the courtyard, but also </p>
<p>planted. Potted plants can be used as indoor ornamental tree species, used in solemn solemn occasions, winter before and after Christmas, more placed in hotels, hotels and some families for Christmas tree decoration. Spruce leaves on the obvious powder white air hole line, overlooking the white side like, green and lovely, for the garden green ornamental tree species. Can be planted, Cong plant or with cypress, white pine pine, or do lawn background. Inge </p>
<p>price for wood plastic composite for table surface<br />
building fence across concrete patio<br />
vinyl pvc fence singapore</p>



2017-10-11 11:58:26



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