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#1 2017-10-11 08:48:44

Final Prestige
Registered: 2016-07-26
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freight violent wind

the biggest Korea, freight violent wind rises the nightmare that becomes a company. More European boat carries the company issues give public notice, anti slip composite decking for ramp expenses will rise to 2500 U.S. dollors April this year taller perhaps, turn over 5 times continuously! Entrance lumber business hallooes " be overcome " . Sea freight is used in 2004-2005 year
  during once for a time very low, lowest when about the same 500 U.S. dollors / 40 feet tall ark; Portion sea freight began to rise in price solid wood front doors in October 2016 1500-1800 U.S. dollor / 40 feet tall ark; Will begin last year in December, the supplier felt goods case to decrease apparently, because do not have enough container,be installed
  first; Home's second closest country Men Lijian acts, a lot of clients should delay case or cancel order; Of 3 carriage cost rise, vinyl kitchen floors goods price talks not approach. The United States after Telangpu appears on the stage does capital construction, India to do capital construction, Canada to do Korea of capital construction, Japan to also do wpc deck board



2017-10-11 08:48:44



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