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Final Prestige
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Flat plastic tray forming principle

It is an injection machine screw or plunger in barrel melt, the injection machine nozzle, mold casting system, shaped cavity injection molding and curing.
Injection molding production process and pallet flow:
Injection molding installation process for the production of the following:
a, mold b, injection c, packing d, cooling e, mold f, remove the product
Some products are injection molded tray or made of foam technology.Plastic Medical Trays
Flat plastic tray advantages:
(1), light weight and strong - with PP or HDPE as raw material, adding anti-aging agent, a coloring agent, a molding using the injection molding process.
(2) Health - meet the health inspection requirements.Plastic Tray Manufacturer
(3) physical properties - has excellent mechanical properties and weather resistance and chemical resistance, washing and sterilization easy, no mildew.
(4), the economy - good quality and dimensional stability, long life, without repair.
(5) Security - no nails, no thorns, it will not damage the items and operating personnel, space transfer safety, can not afford to spark friction, suitable for the transport of flammable products.
(6), save a lot of resources - all with high-quality plastic as raw material for the country save a lot of timber resources.
(7), non-slip - Products bearing surfaces plus a rubber mat, do not worry about sliding cargo.
(8), two-sided tray carrying capacity MAX--: dynamic load 1.5T, static load 4.0-6.0T, shelf bearer 1.0T; Single tray: dynamic load 1.2T, static load 3.0-4.0T, shelf bearer 0.8 1.0T.
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2016-07-11 03:38:03



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