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#1 2016-07-08 03:00:45

Final Prestige
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Warm with how to strengthen the floor ?

Laminate flooring stability, wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, and strengthen the floor deformation in terms of heat, therefore, laminate flooring is better to warm the floor. But it is in the production and processing added more glue, high temperature environment, the glue chemicals relatively easily released, affecting the indoor environment, endanger the health of their families, therefore, recommended that we must choose E1 or above environmental standards to strengthen the floor after heated indoor formaldehyde emissions will be reduced to a minimum.

Multi-layer solid wood flooring solid wood flooring not only retains the natural texture, comfortable features; at the same time, also have to strengthen the floor wear-resistant, stable, water-resistant moisture-proof, easy to clean features. Multi-layer solid wood flooring and affordable, and diverse performance, cost is very high. Three kinds of flooring, solid wood flooring is best suited for multi-floor heating installation.

Some people mistakenly think: solid wood flooring can not be used to heat the floor, the main concern because of thermal expansion and contraction caused by the deformation of solid wood flooring. In fact, as long as to reach the requirements of geothermal floor, solid wood flooring can be used in geothermal floor. Used to heat the floor of the wood floors, it is through high temperature processing, so the deformation do not worry. Moreover, solid wood flooring formaldehyde emission is negligible, fast heat transfer, thermal insulation performance is also very good. Solid wood to heat the floor coverings in the home is not only environmentally safe, in the decoration effect even more upscale atmosphere.
the article come from:Cheap Wood Plastic Composite Deck Floor
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2016-07-08 03:00:45



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