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#1 2016-07-07 09:03:28

Final Prestige
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Clear cool road thermocycler

In the north of Guangzhou and other densely populated urban demand for roads are increasingly rising, the central city road density, urban surface hardening heat of adsorption capacity compared with green far, in addition to leaving the black pavement is difficult to effectively distribute the heat.

At present, foreign micro-encapsulated complex production process, so that the road surface temperature control technology to achieve cooling 7-8 , but the temperature materials price up to 15 yuan per ton, its cost per square meter of surface temperature of about $ 2,000, which is about four times the asphalt pavement.

In view of this, cable-Chi team on the basis of earlier research results conducted a comprehensive improvement, pavement temperature raised to "outside to the inside", but also to cure the symptoms from both heat and cooling. For pavement heat problem, the research team make transparent the use of petroleum resin matrix cementing material, with mineral by toner can be pavement color from black to any color, greatly reducing the heat accumulation in the pavement.

Final team developed a "clear cool" ecological complex temperature control technology, pavement cooling 13.4 , can effectively help reduce the air temperature 4.5 , while the price of this road material only about 20,000 yuan per ton.

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2016-07-07 09:03:28



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