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#1 2016-07-07 05:58:30

Final Prestige
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Multi-layer solid wood favored

Consumer demand for floor analysis, technical standards to ensure environmental quality norms have become the basis of consensus, and the design style personalization factors impress consumers is becoming a new weapon. National Bureau of Statistics Information Center released information shows that in the current exceptional market environment, consumer solid wood flooring, three solid and surface features a wealth of multi-storey wood floor will become the next major value point.

From Europe and North America market pattern, with three-wood and multilayer wood as representative of the new solid wood flooring absolute mainstream. US Andersen internationally renowned interior designer Merlot Nepal. Ms. Wood believes that the new wood flooring variety of styles, excellent materials, unique design, is undoubtedly the best home fashion style and personality expression, but also more in line with the future development trend of green energy saving concept of consumption and floor.

In this regard, the Power Dekor flooring industry leader in the forefront, relying on international strategy, three-wood from European giants Sweden Kangshu Gong Division, 2007 North American leader in the United States Anderson Plywood Company reached a strategic cooperation in 2005, has been working with world-class production technology, international designer advantages of resources, and world-class model factory, to provide consumers with the international trend of sync, in line with international standards, with international quality, global new-style high-end solid wood products. And products sold back to Europe and America in recent years, become the preferred middle-class families.

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2016-07-07 05:58:30



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