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Home Schooling: Tips To Help Get You Started
Posted by nick_niesen on October 27th Jalen Ramsey Womens Jersey , 2010

So you have finally decided to home school your child or children. It's difficult to determine where to start. In fact, the process of learning how to go about home schooling your children is a challenge in itself. What to teach, the length of time to allocate to different subjects, what teaching materials to usea| the list goes on and on leaving you, the parent Telvin Smith Womens Jersey , confused and overwhelmed. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing to home school your child or children.

1. Consider the Cost

Home schooling may be cheaper than enrolling your child in private school, but be prepared to spend more compared to what you would spend when sending your child to public school. In addition to the cost of learning materials, computers, tables, chairs Nick Foles Womens Jersey , lamps and other things that you might need to effectively home school your child, the annual family income may be lessened by yet another factor. Parents who decide to home school their children usually end up deciding to have one parent stay home to teach the child while the other goes to work. Although there are few who can afford to work and home school their children at the same time, this workload isn't for everyone. Some families resort to running businesses from their homes or ask friends and relatives to help out in home schooling their children while the parents are at work.

2. Make the Time

Another factor to consider is how much time you are willing to invest in home schooling your child. As mentioned earlier, there are some parents who can afford to work full time and home school their children. Some parents agree on which spouse gets to home school their children. Some decide to divide the task of home schooling their children between them, allotting specific time periods for their children's lessons.

After deciding to home school your children and having a figure in mind on how much to spend Authentic Gardner Minshew II Jersey , you then have to determine the duration of each lesson for each day. It's like making a class schedule for your child to follow to ensure that each subject is allotted a fair amount of time.

3. Determine Your Teaching Philosophy

There is a wide range of teaching philosophies which you may want to consider, depending upon your beliefs, your religion, or simply on what you think is best. Among the teaching philosophies to choose from, the most common are: the Charlotte Mason education Authentic Ryquell Armstead Jersey , the classical education, the Montessori method, the theory of multiple intelligences, unschooling, "school-at-home" Authentic Quincy Williams II Jersey , and a Thomas Jefferson Education. Each of these teaching philosophies has their advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended that you do some research on these teaching philosophies to determine which one suits you and your child the best.

4. Choose Your Teaching Method

There are many different teaching methods to choose from. Some of these teaching methods are: the unit study method, the "all-in-one" curricula, student-paced learning, community resources, and unschooling. Again Authentic Josh Oliver Jersey , you must do some research to determine which teaching method suits you and your child the best.

There are many books and resource materials on home schooling. There are also many websites on the Internet today that are filled with information on home schooling. With all these resources, you will be able to make an informed decision to home school your child as well as read up on current teaching methods and obtain useful tips in home schooling your child.

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