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#1 2019-02-22 07:20:09

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Wood-plastic panels

<p>Wood-plastic panels are environmentally-friendly woods that can be reprocessed without causing too much waste. In addition, there is absolutely no toxic substance in the plate, and a series of processing comparison in treated wood to wood plastic and installation can be carried out, and the process is very simple and convenient. Only by looking at the appearance of the board, can you judge the quality of the board. Wood-plastic panels are very textured on the surface, and can be designed to produce a variety of shapes, and there are many different colors to meet the needs of differentdiy park benches  groups of people.</p><p> And its quality is very good, no cracks, deformation. Disadvantages of wood-plastic panels The front talks about the many advantages of wood-plastic panels, but it does not mean that it is flawless. There are still shortcomings. It is a relatively fragile sheet that cannot white deck boards used in concert hall withstand too much impact and its toughness is relatively poor. Therefore, in the process of handling and use, pay special attention to the phenomenon of falling. In the plate market, because wood-plastic panels are popular among consumers, many unscrupulous merchants use wood flour and plastic to make wood-plastic panels, which is difficult slate wall cladding grain plank to distinguish.</p>



2019-02-22 07:20:09



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