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#1 2019-01-27 01:13:35

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edge banding

<p>The furniture made of oak is strong and strong, has high corrosion resistance and durability, and can be used for a long time. After drying, the eucalyptus also has wood that is comparable to the project, and is not prone to deformation, and can also be durable. The quality of domestically produced eucalyptus is lighter, and the furniture produced will have a lost color Uk Warped Composite Deck difference. In this respect, the oak is completely different, its texture is hard and the weight is heavy, and the furniture produced is troublesome to carry. From the viewpoint of shrinkage, although the eucalyptus has a large contractility, its wood is extremely stable, and it is not plastic or composite deck grate easy to change in size. </p><p>The price of oak furniture and eucalyptus furniture is relatively high in the domestic market. The raw materials of oak furniture are much higher than that of eucalyptus furniture. That is because most of the quality of the domestic oak is derived from imports, the impact of tariffs, so that the price increases, and the coffin is the common furniture wood in our domestic market. In addition to this main factor, brand, size, shape, and market response will have a significant impact on prices. If the craft is superior, the price of eucalyptus is high strength composite material properties more than that of oak.</p>



2019-01-27 01:13:35



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