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#1 2019-01-26 09:11:55

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natural wood

<p>The natural veneer is made of natural wood with good decorative effect, while the artificial veneer is made of wood without clear texture and individual color texture and color. However, it is what are the qualities of good dustbin  artificially processed to form the veneer with individual texture and color. They can be distinguished by the following criteria: they can be distinguished by the color and texture of the veneer: natural veneers determine the inconsistencies in color and texture of a batch of materials (even each) due to their natural properties, and bright color plastic lumber to purchase  some still exist.</p><p> Traces that cannot be processed. The albums and textures of the synthetic veneer are processed by the day after tomorrow. Their wood grain rules, uniform color, uniform shade, and very regular texture patterns. Distinguishable by edge treatment: the edges of natural boards are not smooth and burr, while the edges of synthetic panels composite picket fencing materials in fort worth  are smooth and straight.</p>



2019-01-26 09:11:55



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