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JOHANNESBURG Nike Air Max Homme Soldes , March 23 (Xinhua) -- A South African doctor, who performed the world's first penile transplant, has been inundated with requests from around the world for such surgeries.

In addition to South Africa, such requests kept coming in from countries like the United States Nike Air Max Femme Soldes , Colombia and Russia, André van der Merwe told Xinhua.

"I had a request from someone in the States who wanted his penis removed," said Van der Merwe who has been invited to the U.S. next month to give a presentation on the surgery.

He said that although there were a number of people with dysfunctional penises in South Africa, "some are still not willing to come forward and have a surgery done on their penises".

"It'll take time before many people can come forward Grossiste Nike Air Max Soldes ," he added.

Van der Merwe led a team of doctors in performing the first successful penile transplant in the world late last year at Tygerberg Hospital in Bellville, Cape Town.

This is the second time that this type of procedure was attempted, but the first time in history that a successful long- term result was achieved.

The 21-year-old patient, whose identity is being protected for ethical reasons Nike Air Max 2019 Soldes , has made a full recovery and has regained all function in the newly transplanted organ. The patient's original penis had been amputated after a botched circumcision three years ago.

"He (the patient) has made a full recovery and has regained all function in the newly transplanted organ," Van der Merwe said. "The skin texture of the donor matched the color of the transplanted penis to the recipient's pigmentation."

The successful surgery will enable the man to become sexually active and retain the potentials to father children.

Despite challenges that may arise, the patient would be fully recovered in 2017, Van der Merwe said.

"I salute the donor and his family for participating in the procedure. They saved the lives of many people because they donated the heart Chaussure Nike Air Max Soldes , lungs, kidneys, liver, skin Nike Air Max Soldes Chine , corneas, and then the penis," Van der Merwe said.

The South Africa medical world has been upbeat about the scientific breakthrough.

"As a doctor, I'm very proud of this achievement. It shows South Africa is a force to reckon with in the medical field Nike Air Max Soldes Pas Cher ," Neil Parker, a private doctor at Medi-clinic in Johannesburg, told Xinhua.

"From a social point of view, penile dysfunction and disfigurement have a major adverse psychological effect on men. One's chances of having a child are zero. Now with this surgery Nike Air Max Soldes , the young man has been given a life line," Parker said.

Many young men lose their penises every year due to complications from traditional circumcision, according to Parker.

This breakthrough is particularly good news for many South African men whose penises become dysfunctional after botched circumcision.

The organization regarding kidney stones

Kidney stones are not nevertheless a solid bulk composed of several uric acid and those crystals are generally the particular mineral deposits that are found in the pee ofa body. Usually the actual urine associated with humans contain a few chemical compounds which do not allow to type stones in the actual kidney however this does not benefit all individuals that is certainly the reason behind the formation regarding kidney stones. The fundamental development with the kidney stones is simply by the high concentration of urine than the typical amount. This targeted pee forms in our kidney and therefore producing in the development associated with kidney stones. Generally these kinds of stones can not be discovered right up until there exists ache as well as only following examining your symptoms. Moving past these stones will probably be a painful one nevertheless the fact is tiny stones cross naturally through urine yet greater stones is only able to become watered down making in to more compact stones and then simply made to move through the particular pee.

Kidney stones symptoms

Today, your engineering has increased enormously in order that aesthetic laser treatments can be produced to produce how big is the stone smaller. Appropriate dieted meals will be one with the good methods of halting the development regarding stones in the actual kidney. These types of stones generally consist of calcium mineral becasue it is origin along with meals together with large amount of calcium supplement must be prevented. There are lots of varieties of kidney stones and are named based on the spot in so it is present. The actual symptoms of the stones are generally proven through some unwanted side effects in the stones but a majority of muted stones do not get clued as well as the simply alternative is to choose the particular x-ray and restriction the increase in the stones. All of the creation associated with stones in the kidney is used after the tremendous vividness of the urine. As soon as the super vividness the particular calcium and also the mineral deposits work out and also kinds urea understanding that urea could be the primary way of these kind of stones. Your symptoms for the formation with the kidney stones are regular urination along with bloodstream along with traces regarding bloodstream in the actual pee. This the low back again and the belly regarding a human being can also be a sign of the development from the stones. The intake of much more normal water often does amazing things in the skin getting rid of kidney stones. Whenever a wide range of water will be taken then this working of kidney would be a lot more proper in the framework from the formation from the renal stones.

Treating kidney stones

There are several homeopathic remedies for your kidney stones , if they’re little in dimensions, however, if the stones are usually big, next taking a danger will always be adangerous one. People who have severe aches and pains and all sorts of the particular symptom. Wholesale Soccer Jerseys From China   Wholesale Cheap Jerseys   Wholesale Cheap Jerseys   Wholesale Sports Jerseys   Wholesale New Nike NCAA Jerseys   Wholesale NBA Jerseys From China   Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping   Wholesale Hockey Jerseys Free Shipping   Wholesale Jerseys Online   Wholesale Jerseys



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