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#1 2018-11-08 03:07:07

Final Prestige
Registered: 2016-07-26
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battalion forest throw

average every hectare battalion forest throw in 4500 yuan of above, be general afforestation is severalfold, and at present fast give birth to high yield forest to develop capital manufacturer wood plastic composite decking cheap channel narrow, amount is little, financial department helps hold difficulty up, limitted the development of high yield forest. 2. Cut index satisfies requirement lumber limitation to cut hard the one big obstacle that the regulation

becomes high yield Lin Yongcai, owner to his high yield forest deals with without lumber authority, cannot need to supply by the market, so forestry section must following the market,alfresco parioli patio furniture  adopt agile alternative, protect zoology environment already, large quantities of supply lumber. 3. Cost of tax of lumber of too heavy our country amounts to tax cost burden 20 multinomial, hold one-time price % above of 500 / .

Accordingly, prevent to collect fee in disorder, increasing sale lumber enthusiasm is indispensable. 4. Land uses land of contradictory and outstanding Guangxi to abound,plastic fence that looks like wood but the farmer already contracted earthy land ownership, the influence becomes an evolution centrally high yield forest, the problem that how coordinates collective and force of farmer land land ownership is very serious. 5, to developing fast the



2018-11-08 03:07:07



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