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#1 2018-10-31 08:02:20

Final Prestige
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province builds system

Rise additionally from this year, my province builds system of industry yearly check, every already was gotten " licence " unit, the year that must accept the former office that wood look patio planks send card is checked, this year the deadline of the yearly check will be on April 30. It is reported, the our city is dealt with " licence " mechanism is branch of aricultural of each area county and city forestry bureau, be located in a city

the relevant unit of 3 areas is dealt with in outdoor slat chair project city bureau directly. The connection phone of city forestry bureau is 7295854. 2002 our country lumber kindof circumstance of product imports and exports? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row?    2002 our country lumber kind circumstance of product cost of fence decking on pontoon imports and exports Issue date: 2003-2-26 origin: 2002 our country lumber kind product entrance maintains

high speed growth, entrance gross (amount to log) achieve one hundred and eleven million five hundred and sixty-three thousand five hundred stere, than going up year of growth sixteen no skid composite decking million one hundred and fifteen thousand nine hundred stere, amplitude 16.88% . Among them, log and volume of sawn timber import are achieved respectively twenty-four million three hundred and thirty-three thousand one hundred stere and



2018-10-31 08:02:20



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