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#1 2018-09-27 03:18:52

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bamboo wood fiber

<p>Is bamboo wood fiber integrated wall environmentally friendly? We can analyze the material of bamboo wood fiber integrated wall surface. Its main raw material is bamboo fiber. The resin film is used on t international developments in composite decking  he surface of the product, and the traditional glue bonding method is abandoned. No glue is needed in the whole production process. It is made of high-temperature waterproofing and fireproofing material, so it does not produce formaldehyde. Even after the decoration, it is not necessary to dry the room to stay.</p><p> Therefore, the emergence of bamboo wood fiber integrated wall surface has been favored and praised by consumers. Then, bamboo wood fiber integrated wall surface environmental protection, it is obvious that bamboo wood fiber integrated wall surface belongs to an environmentally friendly and healthy  forest decking plank for sale  decoration material, which belongs to a truly green environmental protection brand, and friends can use it with confidence.</p>



2018-09-27 03:18:52



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