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Final Prestige
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The advantages of coating

Nitro Coatings (NC) The advantages of coating the elite circle: 1. Dry quickly. The average paint drying time takes 24 hours, while the nitrocellulose paint can be dried in as little as ten minutes. This will greatly save construction time and improve work efficiency.
2. Simple construction. Nitro-coating is a one-component product that can be sprayed by simply adding the right amount of water. 3, the gloss is stable: less affected by the environment. Its shortcomings: 1, fullness is not enough. Due to the low solid content of the nitro coating, it is difficult to form a thick paint film.
2. Hardness is not enough. The hardness of the nitro coating is generally BH. 3. The surface of the paint film is not resistant to solvents. Common processes: 1, NC bottom, NC surface. It is the most widely used in antique furniture (American painting).
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2018-09-07 06:56:16



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