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#1 2018-09-07 02:30:40

Final Prestige
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use of paint color diversity

The role of paint Kaiqi coating elite circle protection: furniture exposed to the atmosphere, by the erosion of oxygen, water, microorganisms, etc., causing damage to insects, wood decay, swelling, discoloration and so on. Paint the surface of the object to form a firmly adhered paint film on the surface of the furniture to prevent the atmosphere,
moisture, microorganisms and other corrosive media (such as chemical substances: acids, alkalis, salts, chemical gases, organic solvents, etc.) Destruction of corrosion, mechanical damage, inhibition of metal corrosion, thereby extending its service life.
Therefore, protection is a major role of paint. Decorative effect: the use of paint color diversity, color, gloss, pattern and flatness. Painted with different materials, you can get a colorful, colorful appearance, beautify the human living environment, and make a contribution to the material and spiritual life of human beings.
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2018-09-07 02:30:40

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