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#1 2018-08-09 10:27:51

Final Prestige
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Dry shrinkage and swelling of solid wood flooring

<P>1. Look at color: The quality of cork flooring depends on whether more cork is used. The cork bark is divided into three levels: the black skin is the most surface, and it is also the hardest part. Below the black skin is a soft white or pale yellow substance called the cemented cork layer, which is the essence of cork. If cork flooring uses more of the essence of cork, the quality is higher. The back of the floor also uses black leather, which can improve the impact resistance.</P>
<P>2. See the density: The cork floor density is divided into three levels: 400-450 kg/m3, 450-500 kg/m3, and more than 500 kg/m3, and the average household is 400-450 kg/m3. If there are heavy objects in the room, you can choose slightly higher, in short, you can choose the floor with low density as small as possible because it has better elasticity, thermal insulation, absorption and vibration absorption.</P>
<P>3. Look at the surface: When choosing, first look at whether the sanding surface of the floor is smooth, whether there are bulging particles, and whether the cork particles are pure. Check whether the length of the side is straight, take four identical floors, spread it on the glass or on the flat ground, and see if it meets the seam; check the bending strength of the board, and close the two diagonals of the floor to see if the curved surface appears. Cracks, no quality products. Finally, we need to test the bonding strength. Put a small piece of cork flooring into open blisters, and find that the smooth surface of its sanding is uneven, it is a non-conforming product, and the quality product should have no significant change on the surface of boiled water.</P>
<P>4. Comparison of floor features: good cork flooring with moisture, non-slip, wear, anti-static, sound-absorbing, flame-retardant, insulation, soft and flexible, more than 10 natural advantages, the formation of environmentally friendly and healthy floor of the most robust functional system.</P> "round pool deck plans malaysia,best rated maintenance free decking,low carbon corrosion wpc flooring distributors "



2018-08-09 10:27:51



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